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How these 5 websites will make you a billionaire in a year.

How these 5 websites will make you a billionaire in a year.

In this world, I would say in this current time of advancement in technology. People are trying to be quick in their work, earning 500$ per month doesn’t meet their desires and they are longing for something big enough to become wealthier and spend some part of their payments in shopping and fulfilling their dreams.

Shopify stores are examples of online stores to get ideas of setting up your own e-commerce website.

Let’s discuss those ways to become a billionaire as quick as possible but one thing that I would like to clear here is that You cannot be a billionaire in a day or two, Or by clicking those posts that are telling you to become a billionaire in 24 hours by clicking this ad.

Starting to discuss these 5 websites will make you a millionaire in a year of time.


Amazon is an online shopping website where people can sell or buy different products. It is an international selling website which has crossed the road of high economy selling website in the world.

How these 5 websites will make you a billionaire in a year.
How these 5 websites will make you a billionaire in a year.


Amazon is a highly paying website platform. If you are looking for something big as mentioned in the title. If you want to become a billionaire in a year. this is an opportunity offering platform for you. Come and grab your thousands of dollars from this website.

What you have to do to get this big amount?

There is no business in which start-up is possible without investing your pocket money. likewise, Amazon is the selling platform where you can sell your products at a great profit.

Must keep in mind that you need investment to dig up something for yourself. There is no business that exists in the world that could give you free earning, so clear up your mind.

On Amazon => Creating Account => Amazon will review your account and then approve it. Once your accounts is approved. The next part is to hunt for the best product that you will start selling on Amazon. You can set any price for this product but setting the price at low at the first is best way to give it a start.

these 5 websites there are some other websites to implement your time are fiverr.com and many other freelancing websites. I have already told the way to earn from these freelancing website In another article of 3 Ways to earn money online in 2020.


E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce is another track to run and catch money. It’s like an online store where you sell different products online through your website. It’s a kind of international business. Future is anticipating E-commerce websites will be spread out like a trap. This business is continuously growing worldwide.

Now the question is how to set an e-commerce website and start earning from the first day.

1 – Purchase a good domain

Purchasing a domain is the first task to go and launch your store with an SEO friendly domain name. There are various hosting sites who do offer hosting + website with moderate rates. It included Godaddy. But I would recommend buying from Namecheap. Now you must be thinking why Namecheap is better than GoDaddy. It’s because Namecheap has a 24/7 support team available to give you hand. It doesn’t create any problem of the server so your website remains to live all the period of time that you have purchased.


2 – eCommerce Website Development

Developing a cool e-commerce website is essentially comes in obligatory ways to attract your users. You can get ideas from Shopify stores where you can sell and buy things or open up your own store. You have to hire a developer to develop an e-commerce website for your business.

3 – Select your hosting company

For an online store, more efficient web hosting companies are good to go. There are various websites like GoDaddy.com, Namecheap and many to buy hosting for your e-commerce business. Choose wisely and smartly. You have to keep that host for long period to keep your business live for your customers to visit.


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